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Parosmia: “Since I have Covid, food makes me want to throw up”

Many people with Covid-19 temporarily lose their sense of smell. When they recover, it usually returns – but some find that things smell different and things that should smell good, like food, soap, and loved ones, smell repulsive in numbers with this disease, known as parosmia, is constantly increasing , but scientists aren’t sure why it happens or how to cure it.
Clare Freer sheds tears when she tries to cook for her family of four. “I get dizzy with the smells. A putrid smell fills the house as soon as the oven goes on and it’s unbearable, “she says. The 47-year-old from Sutton Coldfield has lived with parosmia for seven years and it makes many everyday smells disgusting. Onions, coffee, meat, fruit , Alcohol, toothpaste, detergents, and perfume all make them vomit. Faucet has the same effect (though not filtered water) that makes washing difficult.
“I can’t kiss my partner anymore,” she says. Clare caught the coronavirus last March and, like many people, lost her sense of smell as a result. He briefly returned in May, but in June Clare rejected her favorite takeaways because they smelled of musty perfume and every time she got something in the oven, he could smell the overwhelming smell of chemicals or burnt He has been living on a diet of bread and cheese for years because that’s all he can tolerate.
“I have zero energy and I don’t feel pain,” she says. It influenced her emotionally as well; says she cries most days. “Although anosmia was not enjoyable, I was still able to live a normal life and still eat and drink,” says Clare. “I’d live with it forever in a heartbeat if it meant getting rid of parosmia.
Clare’s family doctor said he had never encountered her condition. Frightened and confused, she turned to the internet for answers and found a 6,000-member Facebook group set up by the AbScent. Odor Loss Charity. Almost everything started with anosmia from Covid-19 and ended with parosmia. “Common descriptors for the various parosmia smells are: death, decay, rotten meat, feces,” says AbScent founder Chrissi Kelly, who ran Facebook in June -Group formed after what it describes as the “tidal wave” of Covid-19 parosmia cases. People have often used phrases like “fruity sewage”, “hot damp garbage” and “rancid wet dog” . they struggle to describe the smell because it is different from anything they’ve come across and instead choose words that convey their disgust.
Around 65% of people with coronavirus lose their sense of smell and taste, and it is appreciated that about 10% of them go on to develop a “qualitative olfactory dysfunction ction” which means parosmia or a rarer condition, phantosmia, when you smell something that is not there. When this ric is pertinent, up to 6.5 million of the 100 million who had Covid-19 worldwide can now suffer for a long time. Covid Parosmia.

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