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NASA’s Perseverance rover hits Mars

The US space agency’s Perseverance rover is only three weeks away from arriving at Mars. . The current distance of the robot to the Red Planet is still about 4.5 million km, but this gap is closing rapidly rate. The NASA robot is the largest and most sophisticated vehicle ever to be sent ashore on another planet.
It is aimed at a near equatorial crater called Jezero. Touchdown is expected shortly before 2100 GMT Thursday, February 18th. To Down, the NASA rover must survive what engineers call the “seven minutes of terror” – the time it takes to get from the atmosphere to the surface. The “terror” is an indication of the formidable challenge of trying to achieve a speed of 20,000 km / h at the moment of “shutdown “Reduce to about walking pace .
” When the scientists look at our landing site, Jezero Crater, they see the scientific promise of it all: the remains of an ancient river flows in and out of this crater and thinks that this is the right place to look for past life signs. But when I look at Jezero, I see danger, “says Allen Chen, the engineer responsible for the entrance, descent, l eitet and landing (EDL) for endurance. “There is danger everywhere. There is a cliff 60-80m high that crosses the center of the landing site, and if you look west, there are craters from which the rover cannot get out even if we landed in one of the And if you look east, you will see large rocks, whose rover would be very unhappy if we laid them down,

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